Digital Content Marketing Agency In West London That Deliver’s A Personal Touch To Every Project!

The Digital Content Kings aka What Media are a specialist content marketing agency in West London that provides a full range of marketing services to help businesses improve their online and offline strategies.

We work closely with our local clients to create content lead marketing campaigns that follow your objectives and deliver results. We specialise in building and developing direct marketing campaigns that enable companies to expand into new markets by maximising reach through niche audiences

Digital Marketing

Increase search exposure and attract top-of-funnel visitors with high-quality content that emphasize visual storytelling.

Brand Development

Brand Development Defined. Brand development is the process of creating and strengthening your professional services brand. As we help firms develop their brands

Content Marketing

Get onboard with creative and targeted content marketing – we create unique content that engages with your readers and clients.

Video & Photography

Steal the eyes of your prospects. We create everything from on-location testimonials to animations to vox pops.

Website And App

Attract visitors with landing pages written by our content experts and drive them down the funnel with social proof from case studies.

Design & Printing

We help our clients across all levels of design from brochures to flyers, social media ads to full marketing collateral for events and promotions?

If you’re not taking care of your customer,
your Competitor will


How Do We Do This?

We work with our clients closely to discover their campaign ideas and business goals in detail. Only then do we start to look at solutions that will provide long term solution to building up new business. Our methods include; smart marketing goals, clever content, user friendly website design, SEO, SEM, content creation, social media, events and developing niche sales and marketing strategies including Adwords, PPC, photography, design, video, publishing and events.

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A London Based Marketing Agency With Global Reach – Our Experience

What Media’s has been an established publishing and marketing company for over 30 years with extensive experience across tourism, hospitality, property, corporate media consulting and a range of small to medium size businesses. Our work spans all mediums of content production from website development to digital strategy, content production, campaign planning and b2b relationship management.

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Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.


About Us

Content Creation Service

We create content that resonates and inspires your potential clients and boosts your position in popular search engines such as Google. Before we start any work on the articles we carry out a research stage to ensure we understand your business goals.

We Follow

Content Marketing Strategy

Creating content isn’t just about boosting your search engine position, it’s about creating a digital sales funnel and building the respect of your target audience. Whether it’s b2b or b2c, we’ll look at your overall business goals and work with you to create a plan that works.

We’ve Won

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is here to stay but you need to get your message right and decide which platform is best for your business. Getting this wrong can damage your brand and waste valuable time. Our campaigns are researched and planned with your team.

Marketing is no longer
about the stuff that you make,
but the stories you tell


Contact our marketing consultants
to discuss your business goals


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Let’s Collaborate!

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